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Total Energy - Jan 2016
Supporting Organisations

27th November 2018 21st India Power Forum 2018
Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, 27th November 2018
Theme: “Revitalising the Power Sector”
16th November 2018 18th Renewable Energy Summit
16th November 2018, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Theme: “Challenges in Sustainable Growth of Renewable Energy Capacity”
25th October 2018 10th Nuclear Energy Conclave
25th October 2018, New Delhi
Theme: “Nuclear Power; Towards a Clean and Base Load Energy”
5th October 2018 Conference on "Future of Power in Tamilnadu"
5th October 2018, L&T Auditorium, Chennai
5th & 6th September 2018 7th Coal Summit & Expo 2018
Jointly organized with The Mining, Geological, Metallurgical Institute of India (MGMI) Delhi Chapter and Indian School of Mines Alumni Association (ISMAA) - Delhi Chapter
16th March 2018 15th Petro India
16th March, 2018, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
Theme: “Future of Mobility in India: Outlook & Challenges”
14th February 2018 17th Renewable Energy Summit
14th February 2018, Gulmohar, India Habit Centre, New Delhi
Theme: “Ecosystem for Meeting Renewable Energy Targets 2022”
22nd November 2017 20th India Power Forum 2017  
Wednesday, 22nd November 2017, Sov 1, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
Theme: “Sustainability of Power Business – Paradigm Shift”
27th October 2017 9th Nuclear Energy Conclave  
27th October 2017, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
6th October, 2017 Conference on “Tamil Nadu Moving towards 24/7 Sustainable Power Supply”  
6th October, 2017, Chennai
20th September 2017 6th Roundtable Conference on Coal 
Wednesday, 20th September 2017, Sovereign 1, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
Theme: “Indian Coal – Today and Tomorrow”
23rd November 2016 19th India Power Forum 2016 
Theme: “Changing Role of Power Sector in achieving Higher GDP Growth”
6th October, 2016 16th Renewable Energy Summit 2016
Theme: “Solar Rooftop: Challenges & Innovations to achieve 40 GW”
30th September 2016 8th Nuclear Energy Conclave 
Theme: “Meeting the Non-Fossil Energy Targets through Nuclear Power”
5th, 6th & 7th September, 2016 6th Coal Summit & Expo 2016 in Partnership with ISMAA DC and MGMI DC
Theme: “Indian Coal – Sustaining the Momentum”
22nd January, 2016 14th Petro India jointly with ORF
Theme: “Oil Price Volatility : Consequences & Policy Responses”
17th November, 2015 18th India Power Forum
Theme: “New Challenges for the Power Sector”
3rd November, 2015 7th Nuclear Energy Conclave
Theme: “Creating Conditions for Rapid Capacity Addition in Nuclear Power in India”
30th October, 2015 5th Roundtable Conference on Coal
Theme: “Energising Coal Sector - The Eco-Friendly Way”
9th October, 2015 15th Sustainable Energy Summit
Theme: “Solar Power : New Targets, New Challenges”
16th January 2015 Conference on “Future of Energy: Will Availability Meet Demand?” incorporating Petro India jointly with Observer Research Foundation and Mail Today (India Today Group)
25th November 2014 14th Sustainable Energy Summit supported by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Summit
Theme: "Renewable Energy – Dynamic Role in Power Sector"
14th November 2014 17th India Power Forum
Theme: "Optimising Power Availability: Agenda for the Next Decade"
14th October 2014 6th Nuclear Energy Conclave
Theme: "Securing India’s Clean Energy Future: Role of Nuclear Energy"
23 & 24 September 2014 5th Coal Summit & Expo in Partnership with ISMAA DC and MGMI DC
Theme: "Coal – A Relook on The Way Forward"
5th September 2014 Conference on Energy-Economy-Environment in Chennai jointly with Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry
11th December 2013 12th Petro India jointly with ORF
Theme: "India’s Regulatory Dilemma: Too Much or Too Little?"
21st November 2013 16th India Power Forum
Theme: "Power Sector – Imperative of Sustaining Reforms"
28th October 2013 Round Table Conference on Coal
Theme: "Coal: In the Dynamics of India’s Energy Sector"
13th September 2013 Chennai Conference on “Moving Towards Energy Security in Tamil Nadu” jointly with Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry
6th September 2013 5th Nuclear Energy Conclave
Theme: "Nuclear Energy – Inspiration for Growth and Energy Security"
23rd August 2013 13th Sustainable Energy Summit
Theme: "Achieving 12th Plan Green Energy Targets – Way Forward "
11th December, 2012 11th Petro India
Theme: “Regional Cooperation for Accessing and Developing Hydrocarbon Resources ”
19th and 20th November, 2012 4th Coal Summit , New Delhi
Theme: “Coal - Bridging the Gap: Challenges and Strategies ”
7th November 2012 15th India Power Forum, New Delhi
Theme: “Power Sector – How to Regain Momentumy”
19th October, 2012 4th Nucleur Energy Conclave, New Delhi
Theme: The Indian Nucleur Energy - Smoothening the Road Ahead
05th October, 2012 12th Sustainable Energy Summit (Formerly Green Energy Summit)
Theme: “Road Map for Developing Public Private Partnership in Clean Energy”
12th December, 2011 10th Petro India, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
Theme: “The Dilemma of Energy Pricing”
23rd November, 2011 11th Sustainable Energy Summit (Formerly Green Energy Summit)
Theme: “Strategy for Quantum Increase in Non Fossil Power”
19th October 2011 14th India Power Forum, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
Theme: “Power Sector – Challenges of Efficiency & Viability”
21st September, 2011 Round Table on Coal , Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
Theme: “Way Forward to Meet Demand of Coal”
11th January, 2011 9th Petro India, Hotel The Lalit, New Delhi
Theme: What after KG Basin and D6? - Challenges for India’s Energy Security
15th December, 2010 10th Green Energy Summit, New Delhi
Theme: Implementing National Action Plan on Climate Change: The Way Forward
26th November, 2010 Nuclear Energy Conclave
25th November, 2010 13th India Power Forum
Theme : “Power Development- Challenges & Imperatives”
8th October, 2010 Eastern India Energy Summit, Bhubaneshwar
Theme: “Emerging Trends in Capacity Building through Clean Technologies”, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
24th – 25th September, 2010 3rd Coal Summit, 2010 jointly with MGMI Delhi.
24th -30th July, 2010

Mission to China in association with ORF. The Theme was “Energy and Environment Challenges”. The counterpart organizers in China was “The Asia-Africa Development Research Institute (AADRI) of the Development Research Center of the State Council”.

24th & 25th November, 2009 8th Petro India 2009
Theme: “Managing Volatility and Growth : A New Energy Paradigm”
29th October, 2009 9th Green Energy Summit
Theme: “New Energies – Agenda 2020”
28th October, 2009 12th India Power Forum
Theme: “Challenges of Mitigating Power Shortage”
9th September, 2009 Eastern India Clean Energy and Climate Change Summit
Theme: “Emerging Trends in Capacity Building through Clean Energy”
7th August, 2009 Roundtable Conference on Coal
Theme: Removal of The Roadblocks for Accelerating Coal Production
6th February 2009
Meeting with Swedish Parliamentary Delegation
4th December 2008 11th India Power Forum
26th November 2008 8th Non Fossil Energy Summit
25th & 26th September 2008 7th Petro India 2008
7th August 2008 Meeting with Dr. Griffin M. Thompson, Sr. Energy Advisor, Us Department of State and Manager Asia Pacific Partnership on “Clean Development and Climate
29th March 2008 North East India Energy Summit 2008


10 & 11 December 2007 2nd Coal Summit 2007
29 November 2008 6th Petro India 2007
11th September, 200710th India Power Forum
POWER SECTOR - Driver of Growth
12th September, 20077th Non Fossil Energy Summit
14th & 15th February, 2007Conference on Power Sector Financing
17th April, 2007Eastern India Energy Summit
"Petroleum and Beyond - Fuel Options"


10th March, 2006 Eastern India Renewable Energy Summit 2006
"Doubling the Capacity by 2010 - The Road Map & New Issues"
15th September, 20069th India Power Forum
16th September, 20066th Non Fossil Energy Summit
21st January, 20064th Petro India 2006
24th November, 20065th Petro India 2006


25th February, 2005Renewable Energy Summit
21-23 March, 2005Conference on Energy Options 2005
20th July, 2005Round Table on Developing Indian Coal Sector -
Challenges & Opportunities
15th September, 20058th India Power Forum
Empowering India by 2012 - Challenges & Opportunities
16th September, 20055th Renewable Energy Summit
Doubling the Capacity by 2010 - The Road Map
19th & 20th October, 2005The Coal Summit 2005
13th December, 2005Conference on Asian Energy Security - Options & Challenges


20042004 7th India Power Forum
Empowering India for Global Competitive Positioning

4th Renewable Energy Summit
Main Streaming Renewables

3rd December, 20043rd Petro India 2004


20032003 6th India Power Forum
Power Sector Unshackled?
The Next Step -
Distribution, Technologies, Regional Cooperation

3rd Renewable Energy Summit
Fuels of the Future

2nd & 3rd December, 2003 2nd Petro India 2003


20022002 5th India Power Forum
Sustaining Power Sector Development

2nd Renewable Energy Summit
Renewables for India Energy Security


20014th India Power Forum
India Power - The Road Ahead

1st Renewable Energy Summit
Renewables Potential & Problems

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