April 19, 2019
Total Energy - Jan 2016
Supporting Organisations

  • 21st India Power Forum 2018
    Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, 27th November 2018
    Theme: "Revitalising the Power Sector"
  • 18th Renewable Energy Summit
    16th November 2018, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
    Theme: "Challenges in Sustainable Growth of Renewable Energy Capacity"
  • 10th Nuclear Energy Conclave
    25th October 2018, New Delhi
    Theme: "Nuclear Power; Towards a Clean and Base Load Energy"
  • Conference on "Future of Power in Tamilnadu"
    5th October 2018, L&T Auditorium, Chennai
  • 7th Coal Summit & Expo 2018
    5th & 6th September, 2018
    Jointly organized with The Mining, Geological, Metallurgical Institute of India (MGMI) Delhi Chapter and Indian School of Mines Alumni Association (ISMAA) - Delhi Chapter
  • 15th Petro India
    16th March, 2018, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
    Theme: "Future of Mobility in India: Outlook & Challenges"
  • 17th Renewable Energy Summit
    14th February 2018, Gulmohar, India Habit Centre, New Delhi
    Theme: Ecosystem for Meeting Renewable Energy Targets 2022
  • 20th India Power Forum 2017
    Wednesday, 22nd November 2017, Sov 1, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
    Theme: Sustainability of Power Business – Paradigm Shift
  • 9th Nuclear Energy Conclave
    27th October 2017, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
  • Conference on “Tamil Nadu Moving towards 24/7 Sustainable Power Supply”
    6th October, 2017, Chennai
  • 6th Roundtable Conference on Coal 
    Wednesday, 20th September 2017, Sovereign 1, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
    Theme: Indian Coal – Today and Tomorrow
  • 6th Coal Summit & Expo 2016
    5th, 6th & 7th September 2016, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
    Theme: Indian Coal – Sustaining the Momentum
  • 8th Nuclear Energy Conclave
    Friday, 30th September 2016 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
    Theme: Meeting the Non-Fossil Energy Targets through Nuclear Power
  • 16th Renewable Energy Summit 2016
    Thursday, 6th October 2016, India International Centre, New Delhi
    Theme: Solar Rooftop: Challenges and Innovations to achieve 40 GW
  • 19th India Power Forum 2016
    Wednesday, 23rd November 2016 Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
    Theme: Changing Role of Power Sector in Achieving Higher GDP Growth
  • 15th Petro India 2016
    January 2017, New Delhi

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