INDIA ENERGY FORUM: The Forum is a unique, independent, not for profit, research organization and represents energy sector as a whole. It is manned by highly qualified and experienced energy professionals committed to promoting sustainable energy policy.

The Forum's MISSION is the development of a sustainable and competitive energy sector, promoting a favourable regulatory framework, establishing standards for reliability and safety, ensuring an equitable deal for consumers, producers and the utilities, encouraging efficient and eco-friendly development and use of energy and developing new and better technologies to meet the growing energy needs of the society. Its mernbership includes all the key players of the sector including NTPC, NHPC, Power Grid Corporation, Power Finance Corporation, Reliance Energy, ONGC, Indian Oil Corporation, Neyveli Lignite, Coal India, Tata Power, Reliance Energy, Unocal, Alstom and over 70 highly respected energy experts. It works closely with prestigious chambers and trade associates including Bornbay Chamber, Bengal Charnber, Bangalore Chamber, Madras Chamber, Maratha Chambers (Pune), PHD Chamber, Observer Research Foundation, IRADE, INWEA, India Coal Forum, PETROTECH & PETROFED.

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