"Glimpses" of 14th Sustainable Energy Summit

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For the last 13years this ANNUAL MEET has been discussing the issues impacting this sector in-depth and highlighting the Road Map for Future Development. Over the years, this has been one of the largest annual Meet of renewable energy sector players. Last year over 250 delegates attended. The previous summits concentrated on:

  • 2007: Non Fossil Energy for Sustainable Growth
  • 2008: Ensuring Clean Sustainable Energies: Challenges & Opportunities
  • 2009: New Energies - Agenda 2020
  • 2010: Implementing National Action Plan on Climate Change: The Way Forward
  • 2011: Strategies for Rapid Increase in Non-fossil Power : Issues & Challenges
  • 2012: Quantum Jump in Clean Energy—Removing Barriers
  • 2013: Achieving 12" Plan Green Energy Targets - Way Forward

This Year the theme of the 14th Renewable Energy Summit will be : “Renewable Energy - Dynamic Role in Power Sector”.


The Prime Minister and the new Govemment have shown great interest in the development of the Renewable Energy Sector because clean energy is an imperative for meeting the environmental concems and obligations. The new Govemment has announced ambitious plans for adding 10,000 MW of wind energy every year and 5000 - 7000 MW solar power generation. Five ultra mega solar projects are to be set up. The Government has therefore announced many new initiatives, including roof top solar panels on domestic and public buildings, installation of 1 lakh solar pumps. Restoration ofAccelerated Depreciation Scheme for wind energy etc. The Summit will aim to discuss indepth the factors which are retarding the growth especially Changing Dynamics of Renewable Energy, Grid Issues and Financial Issues.

Organised By
India Energy Forum
Supported By
Govt of India
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Oil India Limited