"Glimpses" of 12th Petro India

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Top Stakeholders and Experts to Discuss the Core Issues

Plenaries on

  • Soil and Gas : The New Supply Paradigm
    Can India catch the “Abundant Gas Bus”
  • Electrifying India: The State of the Sector
    Identifying Opportunities and Challenges for Capacity and capability enhancement through private sector.
  • Ensuring Coal Supply: Export Linkages and the Global Market
    Can India ramp up its coal infrastructure?
    Or will lack of carrying capacity derail India story.

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Future of Energy – Will Availability Meet Demand?

The global energy landscape is fast evolving There are bountiful opportunities, new fossil fuel sources, rapid technological developments and concomitantly, the promise of a global energy supply excess. At the same time, there are 1.4 billion people with no access to electricity and many millions more with notional access. This is the contemporary global energy paradox.

Nearly half of those without access to modern commercial energy reside in India. Accounting for five per cent of the global energy demand India accounts for sixteen percent of the world’s population. Its per capita consumption energy consumption is less than twelve per cent of the OECD countries, and less than thirty per cent the global average. The country’s prosperity will be underpinned by its ability to reach out and meet its energy needs.

The Petro India: Future of Energy Conference will focus on policies, market linkages and technological solutions in the electricity, coal, oil and gas, renewable and nuclear sector. The aim will be to provoke meaningful conversations and debates around the future of energy and implications for India, placing them within the context of the evolving global energy paradigm and India’s realities.

Format: Pre-identified speakers from the policy sphere, relevant private and civil society institutions will anchor plenary and panel discussions on specific themes on the day of the forum. Open floor discussions will allow the audience to participate in the conversations that ensue. The day’s proceedings will culminate in a dinner.

Key Themes: The discussions will be focussed on the following three themes, with stakeholders from nodal sector specific institutions steering the sessions:

  • Oil and Gas : The New Supply Paradigm The Panel will focus on “Can India catch the Abundant Gas Bus” or will paternalistic policies ensure “need never meets availability”?
  • Electrifying India : The State of the Sector The Panel will focus on the state of the sector and identifying opportunities and challenges for capacity and capability enhancement through private sector participation.
  • Ensuring Coal Supply : Domestic Coal, Export Linkages and the Global Market The Panel will focus on Will imported coal be the new “import addition”? Can India ramp up its coal infrastructure? Or will lack of ‘carrying capacity” derail the India story?

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India Energy Forum
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