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The Forum serves as a catalyst for the development of a sustainable and competitive energy sector in India. India's energy requirements are enormous and the demand is growing but our resources are limited both in physical and financial terms. It is a long term imperative that these resources are exploited optimally. India is attracting significant attention from major overseas project developers, equipment suppliers and financiers.

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16th Renewable Energy Summit 2016

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Proceedings - 19th India Power

19th India Power Forum

16th Renewable Energy 2016

6th Coal Summit 2016

15th Sustainable Energy 2015

18th India Power Forum

7th Nuclear Energy Conclave

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Upcoming Events
  • 6th Roundtable Conference on Coal
    Theme: Indian Coal – Today and Tomorrow
    Wednesday, 20th September, 2017; Hotel le Meridien, New Delhi
  • 9th Nuclear Energy Conclave
    Friday, 27th October, 2017; Hotel le Meridien, New Delhi
  • 20th India Power Forum
    Theme: Sustainability of Power Business – Paradigm Shift for 24x7 Power for All
    Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017; Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi
  • 17th Renewable Energy Summit
    7th & 8th December 2017, New Delhi
  • 15th Petro India
    Theme: Future of Natural Gas in India
    December 2017; New Delhi

6th RTC on Coal

9th Nuclear Energy Conclave

20th India Power Forum

Recent Events
  • 19th India Power Forum 2016
    Wednesday, 23rd November 2016 Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
    Theme: Changing Role of Power Sector in Achieving Higher GDP Growth
  • 8th Nuclear Energy Conclave
    Friday, 30th September 2016 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
    Theme: Meeting the Non-Fossil Energy Targets through Nuclear Power
  • 16th Renewable Energy Summit 2016
    Thursday, 5th October 2016, India International Centre, New Delhi
    Theme: Solar Rooftop: Challenges and Innovations to achieve 40 GW
  • 6th Coal Summit & Expo 2016
    5th, 6th & 7th September 2016, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
    Theme: Indian Coal – Sustaining the Momentum
  • 14th Petro India
    Theme: Oil Price Volatility: Consequences and Policy Responses

    22nd January 2016, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi
  • URJA VICHAR MANCH on Development of Hydro Power Projects -Issues and Possible Solutions
    23rd January 2014, New Delhi

  • Urja Vichar Manch on The Budget – Impact on Energy Sector
    5th March, 2015 PHD House, New Delhi
  • Urja Vichar Manch, on "Green Energy Initiatives - Role of PGCIL"
    Speaker: Mr Y K Sehgal, ED, PGCIL
  • Urja Vichar Manch - Utilisation of Clean Energy and Clean Environment Fund,
    held on 2nd May, 2016 PHD House, New Delhi.

19 India Power

8th Nuclear Conclave

16th Renewable Energy


14th Petro India

18th India Power Forum

7th Nuclear Conclave

5th RTC On Coal

15th Sustainable Energy

13th Petro India

14th Sustainable Energy